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I get an error message "Failed to Connect" or "the server has encountered an internal error "when trying to sign into a game downloaded from Shockwave UNLIMITED.

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posted this on June 15, 2011, 15:52

If you downloaded a game and are receiving this error, make sure your Shockwave UNLIMITED account is active and that you are entering the correct screen name and password information when trying to sign in (remember that screen names and passwords are case sensitive). Your computer must also successfully connect to our server to unlock/open the full versions of our games and software.

  • Connect to the Internet before opening the program. While you do not need to remain connected to the Internet after you successfully sign in and open the game, you will need to be connected initially, so that your Shockwave UNLIMITED account information can be validated. If you are still experiencing problems please check the following:
  • Please check the security zone setting of your Internet browser's preferences. If the security is set too high, you might be blocked from accessing our server.
  • Make sure that the date on your computer is set correctly.
  • If you use any ad-blocking or security software, please disable it temporarily.
  • Make sure you are not behind a firewall or other heightened security measure. The most common cause of this type of error is a firewall, proxy server, or similar product preventing the program from properly contacting the correct servers at Shockwave. If you are unable to temporarily disable your firewall, please try opening ports 80 and 22.
  • If you are using Internet Explorer 5, try upgrading to Internet Explorer 6 or higher. This can be done at Microsoft's site or from third party sites like
  • If this issue persists and you are using Windows OS, please open Internet Explorer and go to: Click on the "Scan for updates" link to get the latest updates available for your computer's operating system. High Encryption Pack and 'Root Certificates Update'should both be selected if they are available on this page.
  • If you are still unable to unlock your game, please open Internet Explorer and go to the Tools menu, then Internet Options > Advanced Settings > Security, and temporarily uncheck the box for: "Check for server certificate revocation (requires restart)." Restart your computer and try again.